inline Stage Equipment represents the best counterweight and motorized rigging you can outfit your theatre with. Made right at Texas Scenic’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, inline Stage Equipment has been setting the scene for theaters near and far since 1936!

Deck Boss Control Systems are custom built and programmed in house here at Texas Scenic Company. No matter how simple or complex your system is, we can custom build a control system that you can depend on for quick and precise movement, every time.

acouStaCorp Variable Acoustics are top-of-the-line adjustable acoustic products allowing you complete control over the sound of your venue, made in-house at our New York location.  Allow every performance to shine in a custom environment tailored for each event. 

Scenic Stage Curtains help your performance take center stage, distraction free from backstage movement and noise. Available in both cotton and synthetic varieties, we custom design and sew curtains that can fit your budget and will look great for years to come.  

Texas Scenic Company is proud to partner with many of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry to provide your venue with any and all lighting, dimming, and control needs that you have. Atman, ETC, Pathway, SSRC, Strand, and more!

Texas Scenic Company is proud to partner with Staging Concepts, the industry leader in portable staging equipment. Their team of devoted engineers produce the most superior and advanced modular, lightweight custom staging systems in the industry.

Texas Scenic’s Inside Sales team is here to help you with all the ongoing items you need to keep your theatre and production up and running! Makeup, Gobos, Gel, Cables, Paints, Gaff Tape, UIL Lighting Packages, Haze/Fog, Lamps, Hardware, Screens, Truss, Floor, Special FX- we have it all!

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