Has your school’s theatre or auditorium rigging been inspected lately? How about the fire curtain? Current standards recommend annual inspections of stage rigging. Don’t wait for an accident to happen – prevent it by taking action now. We can help – we’re experienced and affordable.

Texas Scenic Company is pleased to offer Rigging Safety Inspections as a service offered to venue owners and users. We perform affordable Rigging Safety Inspections for all types of venues ranging from K-12 auditoriums to large performing arts centers.

Inspections by Texas Scenic Company are performed by ETCP Certified Riggers and are based upon a practiced understand of building and safety codes (IBC, NFPA, ANSI standards), and manufacturer’s specifications.

Our Rigging Safety Inspections are followed by a detailed report that includes a system overview, lists of damaged or worn equipment, notes issues of non-compliance, and suggests remedies to any problems observed during the inspection.

If your theatre’s Rigging System lacks documentation, then a Rigging Safety Inspection can be the basis for reintroducing record keeping. The Rigging Inspection Report is issued in a timely manner to the owner’s or district’s representative.

Cost for Rigging Safety Inspections varies by venue. We can provide a no cost proposal that outlines scope and associated fees for inspection services.

Russell Solomon
(210) 426-9559
Rigging Safety Inspector


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