Texas Scenic Company designs, manufactures and installs the theatrical stage equipment that stands behind professional performances worldwide. We work with architects, engineers, owners, theatre consultants, lighting designers and contractors to create systems and equipment that meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. We supply everything from the smallest stage hardware to highly sophisticated motorized rigging systems. Our work can be found in performing arts centers, theme parks, churches, schools, broadcast facilities, hotels, museums, convention centers and civic facilities all across the country.

A commitment to service and quality is the cornerstone of our success and is unmatched in the industry. Everything must work as they were designed and often in tandem with other systems- some projects require simple off the shelf solutions, while others need custom equipment. No matter how large or small the project, our highly qualified sales and design staff is available to assist in all aspects of new construction or renovation. And no matter what the level of sophistication, Texas Scenic has earned a reputation for bringing projects in on schedule and within budget.

When Adolph and Martha Beck founded Texas Scenic back in 1936 in an old San Antonio theatre building, they pooled a small amount of money and a very large amount of determination and integrity. Their idea was to design, build and install theatrical stage equipment. Over the next 84 years and counting, our business has expanded to include all types of stage equipment for every kind of performance space.

In 2018, Texas Scenic welcomed the acouStaCorp team into ours. Established in 2009, acouStaCorp quickly became the industry leader of variable acoustic products that help adjust and control the reverberation times of a room. Performance spaces need to meet very different and potentially conflicting uses depending on the type of performance, and acouStaCorp Variable Acoustics are the incredible tool to help adapt a space for the performance, allowing the performance to shine. 

As we continue into our eighth decade, you can be assured that we’ll be standing behind our stage equipment for many years to come. We invite you to become a member of the TSC family of satisfied customers.

Our current lineup includes counterweight and motorized stage rigging, lighting, dimming and control equipment, stage and variable acoustic curtains, orchestra pit lifts and shells and other custom stage equipment. We also provide Rigging Safety Inspections to help you make sure your venue is safe, in compliance with all recommended guidelines, and at top shape for the entire life of your venue.

We believe in charging a fair price for our products and services. We believe in meeting the changing needs of our industry by providing our customers with safe, reliable, state-of-the-art stage, studio and theatrical products. And we believe in treating our customers, suppliers and employees with respect.

Everything we build, we build in our own manufacturing facilities, using the latest technology and strict manufacturing standards. Safety is a prime consideration in everything we do. Our engineering staff monitors new developments and standards looking for ways to improve our systems, making them safer and more reliable.

We excel by installing every piece of equipment with care. When an installation is complete, you can be assured that the equipment has been thoroughly field-tested and is ready for many years of trouble free operation.

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