TSC designs, manufactures and installs every type rigging system. For personalized assistance in selecting a rigging system for your facility, see the Company Directory or call 800-292-7490.

Counterweight Rigging Systems

Motorized Rigging Systems

Orchestra Shells & Pit Lifts

Counterweight Rigging Systems

When designing a counterweight rigging system, call TSC to design and install your system. We will carefully evaluate your needs and provide a system that meets them.  We put safety first by building equipment consistent with industry standards, constantly looking for ways to improve reliability and performance. All work is performed with the owner’s needs and budget in mind. Our systems can be seen in hundreds of schools, colleges, churches, entertainment venues and performing arts centers across the country.

For more information on rigging system:

Rigging Terminology

Typical Underhung Rigging System

Typical Upright Rigging System

Counterweight Rigging Manual

Motorized Rigging and Rigging Control Systems

When your plans call for motorized rigging, TSC can manufacture and install various types of motorized rigging engineered specifically to your specifications. TSC’s motorized rigging systems are used for a variety of reasons, with safety our primary concern. Heavy loads can be moved safely with the touch of a Buttons/button. Motorized rigging is being used in schools, churches, auditoriums and performing arts centers throughout the country. A TSC sales and design specialist can direct you to a facility in your area to see our work. See the following files:

Motorized Rigging Components

Elevation of Electric Line Shaft Set

Elevation of Electric Drum and Block Set

TSC manufactures and provides a wide variety of motor control systems. Depending on your requirements, control systems range from a simple up-down push-Buttons/button to microprocessor based computers allowing for multiple motors to operate in timed cues. Some examples are shown below.

Texas Scenic Company Inline® Hoist for use in schools, auditoriums, professional theatres and worship facilities providing safe and convenient set and scenery movement.

Download Datasheet

Deck Boss®

Deck Boss® Control Systems provide reliable motor control to accompany the most diverse motorized rigging systems. The customizable capabilities of the system allows users to program different speeds, targets, presets and much more. With multiple control panels and remote control options available, a Deck Boss® Control System can be customized for any venue.

Simple Controls

Configurable Buttons/button controls for simple motorized operation

Curtain machines

Fire Curtains

Lighting electrics

TV Studios

Orchestra Shells and Pit Lifts

Throughout the years, TSC has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide variety of orchestra shells and pit lifts as well as many types of adjustable platforms.

Custom Equipment

TSC can design, manufacture and install a wide variety of custom equipment including wire grids, truss packages, wagons, turntables, and scoreboard and speaker hoists.

See Terms for complete ordering info.

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