Texas Scenic Company manufactures stage curtains to fit the needs of every type of performance space, large or small. We offer the finest selection of fabrics available and fabricate each job in-house. See the Contact page for a sales and design professional to help you in your selections. For information on ordering curtains, visit How to Order.

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Proscenium Curtains include the main valance and the main curtain. These curtains provide a sound and sight barrier between audience and stage. The design most often used is the pleated traveler, a bi-parting curtain with two panels with a 3-foot center overlap. There is always the option to use an Austrian puff curtain or a contour lift curtain in this location.

Masking Curtains include borders, legs or side curtains and bi-part travelers such as mid-stage or concert curtains. These are used to hide offstage areas and lighting equipment above the stage, and function as stage dividers. Legs are sewn in pairs. Side curtains are bi-parting panels with 2-foot center overlap. Travelers are two bi-parting panels with 3-foot center overlap.

Drops/Cycloramas include sky cycs, muslin drops, and scrims. These are used as backdrops for projection and lighting purposes. Seamed and seamless drops can be painted.

Austrian Puff Curtains are sewn with both horizontal and vertical fullness. When in the down position they have full scallops sewn into the curtain. This is a beautiful style of curtain reminiscent of the old movie houses.

Contour Lift Curtains appear to be a standard main drape until they are raised up into place. When they lift up, they form large contour scallops.

Specialty Curtains, including slit drapes, rain curtains and lame curtains, can be purchased for special scenic designs.

Curtain Tracks

TSC is an authorized distributor of track systems and components manufactured by H & H Specialties. A wide variety of systems are available including heavy, medium and light duty, curved and straight traveler and walk-along tracks. Tracks can be manually operated or motorized to suit a variety of stage, studio and architectural applications. We can also supply rigging for contour curtains and Austrian puff curtains.

Fire Curtains

A fire curtain is a heat resistant, fabric panel located at the proscenium opening which will close and separate the stage house from the audience in the event of a fire. These curtains are usually required by the local building code and come in several types of operation. TSC can supply all types of fire safety curtains, including straight lift, tripped and braille curtains for manual or motorized operation.

Stage Curtain Fabrics
Velour: Used for most stage and studio curtains, this heavy cotton fabric is available in 16, 20, 25 and 32 oz. weights. It is also available in a polyester blend that is inherently flameproofed for use in areas where humidity is a factor. Multiple colors are available as well as custom colors upon request.

Sharkstooth Scrim: This fabric is translucent when lit from behind and opaque when lit from the front. It is used in theatrical applications to reveal a concealed set or scene as well as being used to paint or dye a scene directly to the fabric. Standard colors are black or white.

Filled Scrim: This fabric, usually referred to as a “Leno”, is generally used as a cyclorama. Although it is normally used in TV studios, it can be used in theatrical settings and made any color by lighting. Leno filled scrim is only available in white, light grey, and sky blue.

Muslin: The all-purpose fabric for drops and flats. It is sold bleached white, natural or sky blue and in a variety of widths and lengths. Muslin is also used for cycloramas, where a seamless background is desired. Widths range from 72 inches to 33 feet.

Specialty Fabrics: These fabrics are used for specific applications where typical stage curtain fabrics are not suitable. Chroma Key and Ultimatte fabrics are used in broadcast applications (typical background for weathermen). Polyvel is a synthetic fabric TSC recommends for lift curtains. Glame, Metallix and Metalure are decorative fabrics used normally as drops or curtains where a reflective quality is desired. Slit drapes (or rain curtains) are narrow slips of vinyl available in reflective or colors. These are just a few examples of fabrics or curtains you may have seen which are too numerous to list here. Call us for information.

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